sketches at fanexpo put together! all the recent/upcoming fancy veloce cosplays make me want to work on this outfit more but I just didn’t have any opportunity to ): I’m always conflicted about this outfit because it’s the look I want to go for, but I can’t get it to look right so I’m stuck perpetually changing things around

Today is my birthday.


I’m 22! :D

Happy Bday Sam! :)



This waaaaas something that nevar happened so I finished IT MYSELF >.> end of that DOTDOT

ANYHOW this is made for Shilin , her character Veloce from carciphona.com 

its bit different than what it was suppose to be as I did some things to it :S

Thanks for being inspiration! PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE ONE!

http://shilin.net , http://okolnir.net/http://shilin.deviantart.com/ 

so how about that pair of legs ?

ps. Vel is always so fun to draw

thank you she’s gorgeous ;-; this summer is fancy vel summer



Finally got to Otakon!!! Veloce is falling apart as fast as I can fix it but I’m really glad I finished it regardless :’)

fancy veloce is at otakon!! SEE HER FOR ME YOU GUYS


The liquor one killed me

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Skyrim has some impressive choreography